-Material:Stainless teel -Specification:2ml -Accuracy:0.2-2ml adjustable -Poutry quantity/1 dose:continuously 1000 birds -Size/ 1 piece syringe:12.20 x 2cm (Length x diameter) -Usage: * Open the rotating cap * Filling the vaccine into the glass tube * Tightening the rorating cap and glass tube * Pressing the handle and directly inject the vaccine into poutry wing * After use, open the rorating cap, clean with the water * Disinfection in 120 degrees hot water

  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,anmal metal syringe
  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,animal continuous stainless steel syringe
  • poutry ,vet,husbandry,animal plastic steel syringe

Product features

Material Stainless teel
Specification 2ml
Accuracy 0.2-2ml adjustable
Poutry quantity/1 dose continuously 1000 birds
Size/ 1 piece syringe 12.20 x 2cm (Length x diameter)
Used for chicken,duck,poutry continuous vaccine syringe

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