When decorating a bedroom, the main thing is to maintain harmony in everything: from color combinations to the shape of the furniture. We always take this rule into account when developing our collections and selecting materials. 3 doors wardrobe Sorento Stirling oak with sliding doors is a prime example of this concept. In this color scheme, the Cabinets can be fitted into a wide variety of interior styles: the color scheme is perfectly combined with other shades. And thanks to its compactness, there will be room for other functional items that must be in the room. You will give 32490 rubles. not just for the furniture, but for the opportunity to create a unique space in which you can fully relax.

Cabinets and cupboards
  • 3 Doors Wardrobe
  • Wardrobe Sorento
  • Cabinets Stiling Oak Wardrobe
  • Sliding Doors Wardrobe
  • compact Furniture

Product features

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 1940x620x2200
Note The side doors have decorative cutouts that act as handles
Color version Stirling oak
Material Chipboard (16mm)
Weight, kg 200
volume, m3 0.37

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