30 Cleaning Tablets for Coffee Machines Cleaner compatible with Jura Siemens Bosch Nescafe Andrew James Delonghi and many more for Automatic Filter Pad Capsule Machine - Best Quality: ✓ Made in Germany ✓ 30 tablets 2.0 gramm each ✓ In a recloseable plastic can for dry storage ✓ Just 1 tablet for a clean coffee machine ✓ For a long life of your coffee machine - The cleaning tablets for many brands: ✓ Jura ✓ WMF ✓ Miele ✓ Siemens ✓ Bosch ✓ Andrew James ✓ Saeco ✓ DeLonghi ✓ Nespresso ✓ Delonghi ✓ Tassimo ✓ Krups and many more. For automatic coffee machines and filter pad and capsule coffee makers - For every day usage: Take care for your coffee machine at home, in the office or in gastronomical enviroment. For a clean coffee machine. - Long coffee experience: Because of the daily usage of your coffee machine the taste of the coffee can change. The AmbiClean Cleaning Tablets will change this and your coffee will taste as good as before

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  • Cleaning Tablets for Coffee Machines