313 Workshop unit
Compact and solid workshop unit for flexible work piece marking.  - BORRIES MARKIER-SYSTEME GMBH


The workshop unit 313 is best suited for many areas in industrial and handcraft applications where readable markings in dot marking, scribing or DataMatrix coding on materials like steel or aluminium are required. Due to its easy way of operating the device it is eminently suited for usage in workshops, in quality control and in stock management. Measuring rather small the model 313 still offers a large marking area of 120 x 20 mm. Even with larger font sizes markings of single or multi lines are possible. With the help of quick changing and optional workpiece support, it is possible to adapt to almost all workpiece geometries. With the compact marking controller EK2-Box there are numerous options of data input via PC, barcode scanner, SPS or the integrated membrane keyboard. Here, simple compilation and selection of the marking tasks is taking place as well. Font heights and font widths are freely scalable.

Embossing machine tools
  • Stylus-/Scribe Marking
  • DataMatrix
  • workpiece marking

Product features

Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 x 460 x 705 mm
Marking area (X/Y) 120 x 20 mm
Weight of marking unit (w/o controller) approx. 25 kg
Marking speed up to 6 characters/ second
Character height from 1 mm (enhancing in 0,1 mm steps)
Penetration depth marking tip approx. 0,01 - 0,5 mm
Special signs, logos according to specification
Marking direction straight line, angle or circular arc
Working pressure (marking pressure) At least 2 bar up to max. 4 bar

Additional product literature

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