The marking unit 315 is a very well protected and highly robust device designed for 3-shift operation. All components of this coordinate unit have been developed for regular use and are continuously tested to ensure a constant quality. The set of a marking head and a controller is integrated as a built-in unit by system producers for direct workpiece marking e.g. in transfer lines, production machines or gauging and testing stations. The pneumatic (PN) or stepping motor (SM) adjustment unit allows to forward the marking unit to the workpiece even at places which are difficult to access. Marking unit for marking processes: scribe, stylus, dot marking and DataMatrix coding (ECC200)

Embossing machine tools
  • Stylus-/Scribe Marking
  • DataMatrix
  • workpiece marking

Product features

Dimensions marking unit (standard) 500 x 576 x 445 mm
Marking area (X/Y) (standard) 150 x 100 mm
Weight approx. 37 kg
Marking speed up to 10 characters/ second
Character height from 1 mm (enhancing in 0,1 mm steps)
Penetration depth marking tip approx. 0,01 - 0,5 mm
Working pressure (marking pressure) At least 2 bar up to max. 5 bar
Noise level with scribe markers < 75 dB(A) (depending on workpiece)

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