3--6mm Clear Pattern Glass

Art Glass & Glass Crafts/Patterned Glass,High Quality


Feature Distinguished lighting effect (for example, the patterns of the glass include historic coins, clouds, diamonds, flora, aqualite, etc.) Special transparency effect--The figured glass can distill comfortable volumes of light and create a delicate obscurity effect. Thickness3-10mm General Size2000X1500mm, 2134X1524mm, 2440X1830mm, 2134X1220mm, 2000X1200mm, 1500X1000mm Largest SizeUp to 2100X4500mm. Applications Offices, office buildings, hospitals, sports grounds, body-building rooms, bathrooms, lavatories, washrooms etc. Note The company can also adopt additional processes such as fancy cutting, grinding, drilling, tempering, engraving, etc.

  • Safe wooden crates or plywood crates

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