3/8” (9mm) Double Capped Tubular Rivets (100 Pcs Of Each)

Double Capped Tubular Rivets
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These Heavy Duty Rivets are perfect for nail and leather crafts such as Belts, Bracelets Dog Collars, Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Hats and so on. When selecting Rivet sizes, it is advised that the Stem Length be 23mm longer than the combined thickness of the pieces of material you wish to join. Doublecap rivets consist of two pieces a cap with a post and a second, connecting cap. We have 4 different size rivets available, Click on the ‘size chart’ button to see the size and color chart that suits you.

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Double Capped Tubular Rivets, Tubular Rivets

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35735 Izmir - Turkey