Profiler Objectives For ZYGO 3D Optical Surface Profilers Optical profiler objectives, mounted on a turret The performance and capability of any optical profiler is largely dependent on the lens objectives it uses. Objectives determine the magnification, working distance, slope capability, and field of view of the profiler (but not Z-height resolution, which is constant), so choosing the right objective(s) is very important to achieving your metrology goals. The wide range of objectives ZYGO offers for its optical profilers is unmatched in the industry, and is continually growing, in response to the needs of our customers. With magnifications ranging from 1X to 100X, ZYGO is likely to have the optimum objective for your application both today, and in the future as your metrology needs change. All ZYGO objectives are designed and manufactured in-house, using ZYGO's expert optical manufacturing technologies, ensuring top-quality objectives that are ideally suited for use in our...

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