4 Spaghetti Itp Sem + Alb.kg.5x1


Come to us through generations, uses, situations, habits and customs that are very different from those of today. At the end of the eighteenth century, together with the "pummarola", they become the dish sold on the street that feeds the population. Some will remember the lunch of the charming Ingrid Bergman in Roberto Rossellini's Journey to Italy in 1953, to arrive at the significant scene of Totò eating spaghetti with his hands in the 1954 film Miseria e nobiltà by Mario Mattoli. But the most famous pasta dish in the world is the bowl of spaghetti consumed by Alberto Sordi in An American in Rome, the famous film by Steno of 1954. Spaghetto also arrives in the cartoon film, Lilli and the vagabond by Walt Disney in 1955, confirming its universality.

  • Sem Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti Itp
  • Sem Semolina

Product features

Cooking time 10 minutes
Weight 500g
Type Durum wheat semolina pasta

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