(1)Parameters: -Available size: 300*500/300*700/400*600/400*700/500*600/500*700/600*600/600*700/700*600/700*700mm -Thikness: 4 cm -Gap size:8cm(Length)*1cm(width) -Distance between 2 gaps(in a row):2.5cm -Quality: Euro-USA Standard -Has 2 types for the pig plastic slat floor:double girder and single girder -Application:Used for pig,sheep,goat -Colour:White ,red,blue,green,etc.

Animal Production
  • pig/sheep/goat plastic slat floor
  • poutry slat floor
  • vet,husbandry slat floor

Product features

Available Size 300*500/300*700/400*600/400*700/500*600/500*700/600*600/600*700/700*600/700*700mm
Thikness 4 cm
Gap size 8cm(Length)*1cm(width)
Distance between 2 gaps(in a row) 2.5cm
Quality Euro-USA Standard
Colour White ,red,blue,green,etc.
Application Used for pig,sheep,goat
2 types double girder and single girder

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