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The way of use specially designed to maximize the acoustic insulation and the developed concept allow the separation of the glass foils when opening and their perfect joining when closing. The millimeter precision of the design results in a low heat transfer and control over the lighting of the room. Heel depth 106.6 / 251 mm Sash depth 70 mm Thickness Profile Door 2 mm Polyamide bar length 35 mm heel 24 mm sash Maximum sash width (L) 3300 mm Maximum sash height (H) 3300 mm Maximum depth of glazing 55 mm The maximum weight of the sash 400 Kg sheet Opening possibilities Slide of 2, 3, 4 and 6 sheets 3-way system Possibility of a single running path (sheet + fixed)

  • PVC windows
  • sliding doors
  • Windows aluminium
  • Doors garage

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110078 Arges - Romania