4-(Acetyl)thioanisole; 1778-09-2; IM for Elafibranor, Rofecoxib, Saroglitazar


4’-(Methyl­mercapto)-aceto­phenone belongs to the group of acetophenone derivatives. The intermediate is used in pharma, agro & electro and applied in the production of Elafibranor, Rofecoxib & Saroglitazar.

Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products
  • 4’-(Methyl­mercapto)-aceto­phenone
  • 4-(Acetyl)thioanisole
  • 1778-09-2

Product features

Name 4’-(Methyl­mercapto)-aceto­phenone
Synonym 4-(Acetyl)thioanisole
CAS Number 1778-09-2
API Application Elafibranor, Rofecoxib, Saroglitazar

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