4mm--8mm French Green Reflective Float Glass

tinted reflective glass,french green reflective float glass


Description On-line C.V.D reflective float glass Is a high performance reflecting glass. It is made by applying transparent metal oxidation film on clear float glass, or tinted float glass. The whole process is completed in the bath of the flat glass production process by C.V.D technology. The coating bonds tightly and can withstand different heat treatments like treat bending, tempering and heat strengthening. Thickness 4-10mm Colors Dark-blue, light-blue, ocean-blue, dark-green, light-green (French-green), light-bronze (Euro-bronze), dark-bronze, light-grey (Euro-grey), clear (golden). Features 1.Excellent energy saving and shading properties. 2.Coating bond is firm enough to go through heat bending and tempering. 3.Several color choices. 4.Affordable performance price comparison.


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