520 DOTStar Workshop unit
Marking unit for universal and flexible direct workpiece marking.  - BORRIES MARKIER-SYSTEME GMBH


The 520 DOTStar is a compact workshop unit for permanent, flexible markings on almost every material. This BORRIES product offers the best technology in a low-wear and low maintenance design for an unrivalled competitive price. The large marking area offers the opportunity to mark single or multi lines texts, in free scalable size. Angle and circular arc markings are also possible as well as date, time and consecutive numeration. The marking data can be entered easily via the included BORRIES marking software VisuWin SE. A graphical user interface enables a quick installing and adapting of marking pictures (layouts). Available marking technologies: dot-peening, vibropeening and DataMatrix Coding (ECC200).

Embossing machine tools
  • Stylus-/Scribe Marking
  • DataMatrix
  • workpiece marking

Product features

Dimension workshop unit (W X D x H) 330 x 370 x 602 mm
Marking area (X/Y) 120 x 100 mm
Weight workshop unit approx. 20 kg
Marking speed 1 - 3 characters/ second
Character height free scalable from 0,5 mm
Penetration depth marking tip approx. 0,03 - 0,3 mm
Marking direction straight line, angle or circular arc
Power consumption typical 140 W
Distance between table and marking tip 0 – 180 mm adjustable

Additional product literature

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