MASTER The "KIPP 5-axis compact clamping system" has completely new clamping technology. The division of force flow and workpiece positioning achieves significantly improved clamping values. Thanks to the intelligent force distribution, only limited torques are transferred to the machine table. The workpiece is always centred due to the symmetrical structure of the 5-axis clamping system. Workpieces are pressed firmly on the seating ledge due to the pull-down effect of both jaws. The new clamping technology for use on 5-axis machines increases clamping rigidity for application of highest cutting and feed forces. •Clamping width: 20 mm to 320 mm, freely extendable •Jaw width: 90 mm or 125 mm •Clamping jaws: smooth or with clamping pins •Interfaces: T-slot tables, grid systems, zero point clamping systems •Rapid adjustment of the clamping jaws using a scale •Optimum accessibility to the workpiece

Metallurgy - machinery and installations
  • 5-axis compact clamping system

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Material Hardened steel,tool steel

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KIPP 5-Achs-Spanner kompakt - Animation

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