6 Axis-Robot FD-H5(H)

Maximum speed Robot for Handling with low payloads


The FD-H5 (H) is a compact, high-speed handling robot for small loads. A larger free space in the area of ​​the joint creates a large arm space. Like all robots in the FD series, the H5 model also has collision protection through improved fault detection / elimination. In addition, the integrated hose package guarantees optimal protection against getting caught during the robot operation. The most important technical data: Number of axes: 6 Working range (P-Point): R 866 mm Max. payload capacity: 5 kg Positional repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm Drive System: AC Servo Motor Drive Power: 1440 W

Industrial robots
  • articulated
  • 6-axis
  • handling

Product features

Type articulated
Number of axes 6-axis
Function handling,palletizing,arc welding,for production,for grinding
Other characteristics self-learning
Drive System AC Servo Motor
Compact The most compact and the smallest Robot of the FD-Series

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