6514 - Merinowool functional socks

16% of the finest merino wool allows to stay dry and warm at coldest weather.


34% polyamide, 32% polypropylene, 16% polyacrylic, 16% wool, 2% elastane. A special padding construction at the sole of the feet and the ankles gives the socks an extra soft footbed and extra support at the ankles. The toes are also padded to eliminate pressure on the tips of the feet.The stitching at the toes is constructed without leaving any marks. You won't even feel the seam. Padding at the tendons for protection and higher wearing comfort.  A mix of anatomically formed ribbing knit and Piqué-knit allows for a perfect fit without creases. Sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 Main colors: charcoal, dark taupe. The habitat of the merino sheep is known for it's hard climatic conditions. So the sheep developed very durable wool. The merino wool offers special protection against cold. Because of the wool's ability to pick up great amounts of moisture, it keeps your feet warm and dry even in stormy weather. Merino is a perfect and natural fiber known for it's softness, flexibility and durability.

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