6699 - "Boot-Socks With Lambswool"

Made of 100% lambswool. Your feet are kept warm in a natural way.


The starched outside material: 100% polyester. Inside layer: 100% new wool. The top: 100% cotton. These socks' lining is made of 100% lambswool, which is especially soft and stores warmth very well. Therefore your feet are kept warm from cold temperatures in a natural way. The outside is made of stached polyester, being dirt- und cold-resistant. The socks' top is made of 100% cotton and you are able to fold it over your boot to prevent the sliping of the socks. Hand-wash and temperatures till 30°C. Sizes: 35-36, 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46, 47-48

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