7 Layers Multi Foil Insulation

Multi Foil Insulation


The multi-layer foil insulation material consists of two layers of 97% reflective films, which are bonded on the xpe / epe foam layer and sandwiched between the two layers of polyethylene foam. Multi-layer insulation foil is a good heat-resistant material for roof aluminum foil insulation, attic insulation, wall insulation, etc. With the increasing trend of low energy consumption requirements of buildings, the airtightness of building shells has been paid more and more attention. Multilayer foil insulation is considered to be the key to making the interior comfortable and saving a lot of energy. With integrated tape, our products reduce the thermal bridge effect and heat loss in summer and winter. Using our products, it is possible to install a shielding layer under the roof and achieve continuous insulation in one operation.

Thermal insulation materials
  • multi-layer foil insulation material
  • epe foam layer
  • aluminum foil insulation

Product features

Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.6m
Length 8m/10m/12.5m
Product type Overstitching type quilting type ultra sonic welding type hot melt type
Application Roof, Wall & Floor
Original China
Certification ISO9001,CE, ISO14001etc
Material Polyester

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