7/16 DIN type connectors are manufactured from an alloy material of brass, silver and zinc featuring polishing, precise and strong. This alloy combination allows a better operating temperature range and improved performance. Volda provides a complete selection of rf connectors, including din type connectors, n type connectors, sma connectors, bnc connectors, flange connectors, 4.3-10 connectors, etc. Advantages of Volda Our products have been selected and used by both operators and distributors throughout the world, covering North America, Europe, Middle East, etc. ► Professional team work ► Experienced manufacturing & custom designing ► Self-owned tooling department ► Quality inspection from materails to product assembling Welcome to send us your inquiry at any time! Website: Email: Phone: +86 138 5128 3001 WhatsApp: +86 138 5128 3001

Connectors, electronic
  • coaxial connectors
  • rf cable
  • feeder cable
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