The contact belt grinding and polishing machine of the series 72713 provides enormous advantages for manufacturers of turbine and compressor blades. With an available motor output of 3,0 to 7,5 kW, it is ideally designed for continuous operation in heavy applications. A special quick replacement device for the working contact wheel which can be used without tools, makes efficient grinding possible with various contact wheel geometries, which can be adapted ideally to the respective task. Product features Various contact wheel geometries Use of various geometries, which can be quickly replaced with a newly developed ‘Quick-Change’ system. Beaked belt deflection (especially for inside radii) Especially developed belt deflection for the grinding of inside radii Large contact wheel diameter for large and flat blade surfaces Contact wheels with varying hardnesses Contact wheels mounted on one side Makes it possible to work all the way up to the turbine blade root Typical IBS Polisys...

Product features

Belt dimensions 50 x 3.500 mm
Voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, Dr.
Possible spindle speed 700, 800, 900, 1.000, 1.120, 1.250, 1.400, 1.600, 1.800, 2.000, 2.240, 2.500, 2.800 1/min Please sel
Motor output 3.0 kW to 7.5 kW (pole-changing)
Operating mode S1, IP 54
Dimensions see dimension sketch

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