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748/02-2111 Fingers, AISI 316, NBR rubber, vulcanized...


: Clamp made out of a pre-rolled plate of stainless steel AISI 316. Clamp is manufactured with a hinge point in order to simplify installation. Design with welded AISI 316 studs and fingers. Clamp is completely pickled and passivated after welding. Studs are Teflon coated to prevent cold welding (galling). Stainless steel nuts made out of A4 quality. Gasket of NBR rubber with waffle structure and rounded tops. Spanner plate is completely vulcanized with rubber gasket. Diameter reach of double band repair clamp is max. 24 mm (depends on diameter pipe). Clamp available in different diameters: DN 80 up to DN 600. Clamp available in different lenghts: 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm (other lengths on request). Indication pressure class for (waste)water: 16 bar for DN 80 up to DN 150, 10 bar for DN 175 up to DN 450 and 6 bar from DN 500. Indication pressure class for gas: 2 bar for DN 250 up to DN 450, 1,5 bar for DN 500 up to DN 600, 1 bar for DN 650 and 0.8 bar from DN 700. Studs...

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