Most of our LCD-panels operate within the wide temperature range (-20°C to +70°C). For the static types the Vlcd is ready for 3Volt. For most of our MUX-displays, we offer a 3Volt and a 5Volt model. Most LCD-panels are available in reflective and transflective version. In general, we offer a standard pinlength, but for the highrunners we also have different pinlengths from stock. Please ask us in case you want a different pinlength. For the LCD-panels without pins, we also offer elastomeric connectors (zebras). For outdoor applications (e.g. fuel stations, automotive), we offer suitable LCD-displays (extreme wide temperature range, UV-stability etc.) New technical concepts allow us to achieve wide temperature range LCD-panels without price increase. Most of our products are available from stock. If you do not find any product which can fit into your application, we have the capability to manufacture customized- or semicustomized designs also at low volume

Electrical & Electronic Components
  • 7-segment-panels
  • 7-segment Lcd
  • Lcd Display

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