8000 series intelligent lighting control system 8000 series intelligent lighting control system introduced the network into the lighting surveillance field. Based from the street lights working model innovation, we beat the problems of single lamp, cable anti-theft technical, and bring the lighting control into the Internet era. XLDL-8000 series intelligent lighting control system can manage each street lamp including its on/off, jurisdiction and dimming. Each concentrator can manage 200 lights within 1km. With the using of XLDL series high efficient electronic ballasts, it’s compatible with high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and 50% to 100% of the linear dimming control for each lamp. Our company will provide you with a full set of equipment: 1, The intelligent control system software; 2, Remote control handsets and software; 3, Remote control concentrator; 4, High efficient electronic ballasts

  • garden lighting
  • electronic ballasts
  • light control

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