8-channel transmitter Liquiline CM448


Liquiline CM448 is a digital multiparameter transmitter for process monitoring and controlling in any application. The 8-channel controller saves you time and money by offering seamless system integration, simple operation and a reduced need for spare part stock. Adapt the controller exactly to your measuring task and connect 1 to 8 sensors as desired. Liquiline CM448 provides you with all the benefits of a best-in-class transmitter platform from clever simplicity to maximum process safety.

Measurement and control instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Sensor ORP / Redox
Application Modular 4 wire controller; Multichannel:1-8 digital channels for Memosens protocol; Multiparameter:
Characteristic Robust plastic housing; All non-ex applications
Design 8x Memosens input; 2...8x current output; alarmrelay; 2x relay; SD card for software update and copy
Material Polycarbonate
Dimension 237 (9.33) x 194 (7.64) x 162 (6.38) mm (inch)
Process temperature -20...55°C / 0...130°F
Ingres protection IP67
Input 1...8x Memosens digital input 2x 0/4..20mA Input optional 2..4x Digital input optional
Output 2...8x 0/4...20 mA current outputs; alarmrelay; 4x relay; ProfibusDP; Modbus RS485; Modbus TCP; Ethe

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