9-30V 1W-20W 3000-13000RPM 28*38 controller Nichibo Brushles

DC motor, power tools, BLDC, water pump, lawn mower
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Manufacturer of electric motors including brushless DC motors. Used in electric tools, home, automotive, medical, printing, and computer applications. Motors can be customized. Three-Phase BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) comes in smaller size with advantages of energy-saving, and high efficiency. •High-voltage driving to reduce transfer loses •Sensor-less phase detected •Low phase switching noise •Sine-wave control. •Support both of linear and digital (PWM) control signal •High efficiency for power saving. voltage 12v 12v 12v 24v rated speed 2250 10700 8800 5100 RPM rated torque 6.13 13.7 11.4 8.12 mNm output 1.4 15.46 4.37 10.63 W EFF 55 76 70 75 %

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11493 Taipei - Taiwan R.O.C.