DP World is one of the 4 world leaders in deep sea port handling. DP World decided to invest in inland terminals to help decongesting all road axes leading to the deep sea ports and the deep sea ports themselves but also on the customer demand to have greener ways of transport. That’s why DP World Liège terminal also invested in a railway with direct access to the terminal. DP World supports the reduction of CO2 through purchasing/renting hybrid or electrical machines whenever it’s possible. DP World Liège started operating mid 2016 with a brand new terminal in the Liège area. DP World Liège is located in the new industrial zone of Trilogiport in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau. That’s why DP World Liège last miles trucking can reach lots of different areas: • Euregio • Liège Area • Limbourg • The Ruhr • Luxembourg • North-East of France DP World Liège is not only attractive by its position in the Center of Europe but also with its equipment: • 5 tons Forklift • 18 tons Forklift Kalmar ...

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