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ABS Door - ABS Door


[Product Description] A door made by gluing ABS panel to compensate for the shortcomings of general wood type doors It aims for eco-friendly doors with excellent waterproof and durability by using PUR eco-friendly adhesives that are harmless to the human body, not ordinary chemical bonds during the adhesion process. [Product Feature] 1) Since it is strong in humidity, there are very few swelling, bending, and twisting phenomena. 2) More 3D design is possible 3) The surface sheet heat summing method produces very few stripping phenomena. 4) Light weight makes it suitable for use of Easy hinge. 5) be highly productive [Product Use] Previously, it was mainly used as a toilet door due to its moisture-resistant nature, but now it is mostly used as an internal door due to its price and design advantages.

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JHC Korea Co.,Ltd.