AC winding drives AC voltage regulator Edge trim winding device AC winding drives torques from 1 - 260 Nm size IEC 63 - IEC 132 protection class IP 54 / IP21S insulation class „F“ DIN / VDE 0530 A robust AC winding drive as central or contact winder, as supporting drive, electronically controlled and regulated. The drive can be utilised as tension controller in combination with a tension measurement and the AC voltage regulator W3412.1. The drive works torque-dependent. From the characteristic curve results during the operation the driving speed out of the winder diameter and the speed of the goods. The dissipated heat resulting from slip speed and torque will be delivered over the surface of the drive, whereas with greater performances the drives are aerated with the help of an external fan by creating a draught or by creating a surface aeration. The drive corresponds to a robust AC drive with no wearing parts. The maintenance can be limited to the control of the ball bearings. The setting of torque and tension force is made via the Drehstromspannungssteller W3412.1 Table Technical data “AC winding drives”

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