Bentonite for iron-ore pelletizing


Bentonite for iron ore pelletizing is mined on “10th Khutor” (Khakassia) and “Dash- Salakhlinskoye (Azerbaijan) deposits. Bentonite of Dash- Salakhlinskoye deposit is high-quality, alkaline (sodium) clay with montmorillonite content over 80%. Application of rational technologies for activation allows getting a high-quality alkaline bentonite which possesses a full range of rheological properties necessary for pelletizing, sintering and briquetting: Properties of Dash-Salakhlinskoye bentonite are close to the best world analogues. Bentonite characteristics: high montmorillonite content; high thermal stability; can be used both in natural and in activated form. The use of Dash - Salakhlinskoye bentonite in the charge materials contributes to the production of pellets with a low damage ratio at high-temperature firing process and their high fracture resistance due to thermal stresses.

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  • iron ore pelletizing
  • alkaline clay
  • montmorillonite content

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