ADJUSTABLE COLLIMATOR Detailed images are a common goal for all NDT operators. Depending on the configurations, noise or backscattering effects, disturbances in the results and interpretations may occur. To reduce these effects, ICM engineers have developed a specific adjustable collimator that helps to manually reduce the X-Ray beam that comes from the CP120B and the CP160B. The collimator strictly focuses the X-Ray beam on the target and in doing so reduces the noise effect, the backscattering effects and improves the penetration. This collimator can be mounted on the CP120B & CP160B via a specific support that is placed on the generators.

Product features

Weight Kg 0.4
lead thickness mm 0.5
Penetration into steel (CP120B) mm 33 (at 20 cm)
Penetration into steel (CP160B) mm 45 (at 20 cm)

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