Techmove adjustable office desks with electrically adjusted height of the desktop constitute indispensable elements of ergonomic workplace. In order to create an ergonomic workplace, it is crucial to adapt it both to the type of work being performed, and to individual characteristics of its user i.e. the employee’s height. Properly adjusted height of the desktop is most important for designing optimal work space. Adjustment range: between 70-120 cm Fast desktop height adjustment: 30 mm/ s Power consumption at standby: 0,1 w Maximum load: 80 kg We provide 2 types od panel used for height adjustment: - DPG panel - the desktop movement corresponds to the upward or downward movement of the panel, - DPG panel with memory function - it is possible to record 4 arrangements of the desktop and to provide it with a reminder function, Bluetooth® technology makes it possible to integrate it with free Desk Control applications.

Furniture and shelving, office
  • Office furniture
  • desk with adjustible height of the countertop
  • techmove desk

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