Adsorption plants are an efficient way of filtering VOC (volatile organic compounds) or other pollutants from exhaust air, flue and exhaust gases in industrial and municipal applications. In comparison to absorption processes, in which harmful substances are bound by the use of liquids, an adsorption plant concentrates the pollutants These are physically attached to an adsorbent such as zeolite or activated carbon. The adsorption process is efficient and costeffective, especially for low to medium pollutant concentrations in large volume flows. If necessary, concentrated solvents, for example, can be recovered and reused with the help of other technologies. Especially for exhaust air streams with low or medium concentrations of VOC and other harmful exhaust gases, the use of socalled VOC concentrators is of great advantage.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • Adsorption pollutants
  • exhaust gases
  • gases adsorption

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