AERZEN Rotary piston gas meter Za/Zc/Ze


With its Za/Zc/Ze series gas meters, AERZEN provides reliable precision measurement technology for the energy supply industry – and the biggest series available on the market. Developed for measuring gaseous media in the extended range 1:160. Extremely low-maintenance, with an oilchange interval of 16 years. And approved to MID (European Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC). AERZEN gas meters are available with an analogue counter or with an integrated smart encoder. This digital counter offers a range of benefits, such as the elimination of measuring errors, precise calculation of gas consumption and much more, and can be retrofitted economically at any time.

Gas, compressed
  • Piston-gas-meter
  • Chemical- and process technology
  • Compressed-air installations

Product features

Volume flow: 0.6 to 6,500 m³/h
Positive pressure: 16 bar (g)
Medium: non-aggressive gases and natural gas, town gas, coke oven gas, refinery gas, propane, butane, liquid
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