Bentonite for agriculture


AFLUKSID feed additive is used to combat diarrhea, and can be used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of dyspeptic disorder. This additive allows you to normalize the digestion processes in young farm animals during stress and when changing diets. It has a captivating effect and allows you to stop diarrhea; prevent fluid loss in the body; remove toxic substances from the body; adsorb toxins and intestinal gases; stabilizes the protective mucous barrier of the gastrointestinal tract. Effect of the use: Quickly eliminates impacts of animal poisoning; Normalizes digestion; Replenish electrolyte loss and stabilizes the protective mucous barrier of gastrointestinal tract. “BIOROST” LLC manufactures AFLUKSID – bentonite-based anti-diarrhea feed additive of natural origin. AFLUKSID is an environmentally friendly natural product based on bentonite clay of smectite group

Additives, food
  • complex therapy
  • dyspeptic disorder
  • toxic substances

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