The UV-plant AIRPURION 36 with an irradiation width of 750 mm consists of a matt anodized aluminium profile with matching cover sheets. The radiator’s compartment is designed for housing a pristine-polished aluminium reflector. On its rear side the cabling as well as the electronic cut-in unit is integrated into the housing. The high UVC-intensity ensures an optimal degree of efficiency combined with a compact construction design. Assembly at the ceiling can be done via a mounting rack or a wire suspension for assembly. advantages: suitable for direct or indirect irradiation not affecting smell or taste low-maintenance operation low operational costs Please contact us for targeted advice: mail: phone: +49 3682 479087

Air disinfection - equipment and systems
  • UV disinfection
  • air sterilization
  • air disinfection

Product features

irridiation width 750 mm
disinfection 80% approx. 100 m³
disinfection 88% approx. 50 m³
weight 3,0 kg
life time of lamps 10.000 h
dimension (L x B x H in mm) 1000 x 67 x 100
number of lamps 1
protection grade IP 54
electrical connection 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
total power 90 W
over current protection 10 A

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