AIS231 Baltomatic

Real time systems


Designed to perform welding inspections on cylinders up to a diameter of 250mm, the AIS231 is a real time system designed to be automated that can also be installed with an ADR module (depending on the client requirement). It is equipped with a shielded cabinet for up to 450kV depending on the power of the generator installed, a flat panel, a 2 axis manipulator, a motorized door, and more. To ensure a great and easy environment of work, the control desk will carry a 19’’ computer with the Inspection suite of software installed allowing the automation of the process which will fastened the everyday inspection.

  • welding inspections
  • shielded cabinet

Product features

Component max. size mm Ø 250 x 4000
Component max. weight Kg 200
Doors opening size (L x H) mm 4600 x 870
X-ray generator XSD160/4kW
Tubehead TSD 160 kV
Control desk LS1C2 with 19’’ PC Rack
Mains (Three phase) V 380
Operating temperature °C From 10° to 35°
X-ray leak @ 10 cm of the wall μSv/h < 0,5 μSv/h
Total weight Kg ~22 500
Manipulator 2 motorized axis (Theta, X)
Digital detector FPDigit 11-200 / 16 bits / 200 µm

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