AIS912 Baltomatic

Real time systems


The AIS912 has been created with the aim to automate the inspection of composite material with honeycomb structure and as a result to accelerate the inspection process. Thanks to its 9 motorized axes and with the different software developed by our engineers, the AIS912 allows the records of different motions the operator needs in order to radiography the whole sample with only one action. Every picture is then saved on a server database and can be processed by our Image processing system IPS012.

  • Baltomatic
  • Digital Radiography

Product features

Component max. size mm Ø 1000 x 2100
Component max. weight Kg N/A
X-ray generator XSD160/4kW
Tubehead TSD 160 kV
Control desk LS1C2 with 19’’ PC Rack
Focal spot / detector distance mm Up to 1000
Mains (Three phase) V 380
Operating temperature °C From 10° to 35°
Manipulator 9 motorized axis (α1, α2, Z1, Z2, THX, TVX, Y, X, Theta)
Digital detector FPDigit 13-127 / 16 bits / 127 μm

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