ALA stands for AC Linear Actuator Ordering Information When buying a POWER JACK MOTION linear actuator, please note the following: Parameters (New User) You need to consider the following parameters: AC Linear Actuator Force AC Linear Actuator Stroke and Voltage Installation Information: Wall or Ceiling Installation Miscellaneous Information Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

Product features

Inner Tube Iron
Dustproof Outer Tube Dustproof Outer Tube
ACME Screw ACME Screw
Built-In Capacitor Built-In Capacitor
Built-In Thermal Protection Device (125℃) Built-In Thermal Protection Device (125℃)
Limit Switches Built-In (Factory Preset)
Optional Stroke Length Optional Stroke Length
Double Protection Devices Double Protection Devices
Built-In Sensor Built-In Sensor
Lower Noise Lower Noise
Rated Voltage 110V/120V 60Hz 220V/230V 50Hz
Work Environment 0℃to +40℃
Storage Environment -10℃to +80℃
Unload Speed 4.0±0.5m (50Hz)/ 6.3±0.5mm (60Hz)
Unload Current ≦8 Amp (50Hz)/ ≦1.0 Amp (60Hz)
Load Capacity 3500N Max. (PUSH/PULL)
Load Current ≦0Amp(50Hz)/ ≦1.4Amp (60Hz)
Working Frequency 10%(1 ON 9 OFF)
Signal Output POT sensor (Optional)
IP Class IP53
Installation Bracket Two outer tube fixed seat brackets
Capacitor Starter Single square capacitor starter
Pressurization 1800VAC/1mA/3s
Voltage 110V/120V 60Hz£220V/230V 50Hz
Motor Speed 1450±10%rpm(50Hz)/1700±10%rpm(60Hz)
Unload Current ≤8Amp(50Hz)/≤1.0 Amp(60Hz)
Motor Noise ≤68dB (the distance is 300 mm from the output shaft of the motor, Environment Noise ≤42dB)
Temperature Control Protection 125℃
Forced Direction Pull and Push
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