ALPHA VITRINE - the glass showcase

ALPHA VITRINE - The standard showcase with the patented FRANK connection system


ALPHA SHOWCASES - the new display generation Reflection on the essential ☑ Fully demountable ☑ optimal use of materials and components ☑ laminated glass and the patented FRANK connection system ☑ available in three sizes The innovative design is based on the patented FRANK connection technology. This makes gluing and screwing superfluous. The essential detail is the barely noticeable aluminium profile strips, which are precisely inserted into the patented edge profiling of the panes. Sealing materials, such as silicone etc. are not necessary. This facilitates assembly and ensures a long life without maintenance. The freestanding ALPHA showcase, step-in model from Frank, has won in its minimalist design international awards and convinced many directors/curators with its maximum transparency. The discreet lines express the lightness of the construction. Function and design are perfectly balanced in all simplicity. This simplicity is the highest form of perfection.

Display units for exhibitions
  • glass showcases for museums
  • display cases for collectors
  • modular display cases

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