FIREPROOF ELEMENTS Our fireproof glass doors and glass façades assortment contains only the best materials and railings. All integrated control systems and drives are included in the unique system solution of different designs. The production is realized in collaboration with Jansen certified performance systems. The program includes the following protection: E30; Ei30; E60; Ei60; Ei90; We offer a vast selection of design and performances in many variants, tested and confirmed in practice. GLASS PARTITION WALLS To achieve an elegant appearance without unnecessary visible railings for your external and internal enclosures. Glass enclosures offer numerous advantages, namely their longevity, simplicity and elegance. GLASS WALLS AND DOORS We offer wide range of options for glass walls and doors FIXED ENCLOSURE WALLS SLIDING WALLS With several different options for sliding and stacking, with integrated doors, enable the rooms to be adjusted to current requirements.

Windows and portholes for aircraft and ships

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