Patented casting resin system to produce high quality thermoforming moulds...


The patented casting resin system ALWA MOULD D consists of two resin components and an aluminium filler. The fast curing of the material allows to produce your own technologically highest quality moulds in just a few hours. As our material is very good castable, compact moulds of any desired volume can be made from our product, such as acrylic baths, boats, etc. (<1 kg – 2500 kg). In comparison to other materials (e.g., glass fibre reinforced plastic), the system is more temperature-resistant, allows castings without air bubbles and does not have to be post-cured. Furthermore, the finished mould is easy machinable (e.g., drilling, milling, grinding, planning, sawing, turning, etc.). ALWA MOULD D moulds can be modified with repair filler, so that a fresh view can be created at an early stage of a new design process and prototypes can be examined at short notice.

  • castingresin
  • thermoforming
  • toolmaking

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