Casting resin for the ceramic industry


ALWA MOULD P is a cold curing casting resin for the production of porous moulds, slabs and blocks for the ceramic industry. It is a porous and high-strength plastic, which is well-suited for high pressure casting applications. ALWA MOULD P can be used in various areas of the tableware and sanitary ceramics, technical ceramics, plastic mould procedure as well as various filtration processes. The high stability and defined porosity of the material allows highly accurate mould surface reproductions. With ALWA MOULD P various geometric moulds for filtration processes of suspensions can be produced. ALWA MOULD P can be used for ceramic slip pressure casting procedures. In this procedure, water is removed by a filtration process of a clay suspension (slip), so that an increasing clay layer is built on the mould wall over time. The moulds, slabs and blocks of ALWA MOULD P are easily machinable (e.g., drilling, milling).

  • porousmoulds
  • sanitaryceramics
  • filter

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