ALWA MOULD SLV is a universal two-component fast casting PU resin for mould making. It is used for the production of milling devices, negatives, product holders, foundry moulds, mould plates, copy moulds, core boxes, pattern plates, casting moulds, prototype parts, supporting moulds and synthetic cast. It consists of a beige-brown low viscosity resin component A (polyol mixture) and a red-brown, low viscosity hardener (component B) based on isocyanate (Methylendi(phenylisocyanat)e = MDI). Two types are available with different pot life: *ALWA MOULD SLV 3 ~ 3 min. pot life *ALWA MOULD SLV 9 ~ 9 min. pot life

  • PU
  • moulds
  • thermoforming

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