Porous slabs and blocks


ALWA POR is porous and has a smooth surface structure. The product is characterized by a high stability, pressure-resistance and a long-term heat resistance of over 190°C. It is especially suitable for moulds with fine and complex structures. The good air permeability leads to a uniform stretching of the foil in the process of thermoforming. With this innovative product the annoying drilling of vacuum holes becomes obsolete and thus no visible markings are left on the thermoformed foil. Larger dimensions can be achieved by screw connections. Longer and wider dimensions by gluing. ALWA POR is easily machinable: Sawing, drilling, grinding, polishing. It also remains porous after polishing. ALWA POR is especially suitable for vacuum thermoforming and vacuum forming and is additionally suitable for - aeration of aquaria, fishponds and sewage treatment plants, - venting of injection moulds and blow moulds, - any proceedings of hot steam or water steam processing, - vacuum clamping

  • porous
  • thermoforming
  • vacuumforming

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