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The White TermiteTermites: : Is the insect physical structure vary in shape from the normal ants so find without waist relates to the chest with abdominal directly and this makes them stronger and able to attack what you want to attack him, but in secret complete invisibility _ body Ant consists of 80% of the solid cell-like Glass making it a solid external structure called the term (termites English termites) live _ in the ground made up a huge colonies due to the strength of this strict regulation that is used by termites over the years can, despite its small size building giant facilities with its laws and rules of up to 2.5 million insects are present per colony and that it is possible to reach the age of these colonies or nests to 4000 and that statements by some newspapers that these nests found in South Africa where environmental hot tropical in the form of high hills above the Earth's surface engineering capabilities banner up the length of the nest 10 meters and width of 15 meters- Ants generally known that the irregular objects that have their behavior and duties within each colony there is a working ant soldiers or workers By the colonial service and the search for foodFood termitesTermites feed on the material

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  • Pest and vermin control services
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