AN307 - Fence protection system  - ATLINE SP.J.


AN307 securities up to 600 meters length of wire fence. AN307 can protect two times up to 300 meters long wire fence Protection can be realized for up to 600 meters long wire fence or for double protection up to 300 meters long fence. Simple fitting The detector can securities fences of two times of max. 300 meters with special sensor cable assembled between master unit and ending unit. The sensor cable is stretched on the fence about 1m above the ground and it is fitted by special clips. DSIGP technology New DSIGP technology made this product unique. The vibrations of the fence other than normal weather or wind conditions are registered for alarm by new DSIGP technology. Disturbances caused by external influences, for instance EMF, are successfully eliminated. Green Because of new technology is power consumption very low, less than 1 (one) Watt. Low power current (approximately 60mA at 12VDC) has consequence of low intersection for long power cables. Terminals AN307 has three relays to notify alarms to the alarm panel. Relays are in NC function (when there is no alarm or sabotage, terminals stay connected). RS485 (optional) Two wire communication RS485 standard can be easy achieved by putting standard integrated circuits into DIL socket. RS485 terminals are galvanic isolated from the power supply and the rest of the device to avoid delusion currents. With RS485 option two relays stays in function, third stays open. Technical data: Master unit: waterproof IP65 aluminum casing Wight of master unit: 970 g Dimensions of master unit: 175 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm Ending unit: waterproof IP65 aluminum casing Dimensions of ending unit: 50 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm Weight of ending unit: 140 g Type of sensor cable: AS257 Diameter of sensor cable: 6 mm Working temperature: from -30 C to +70 C Technology: new unique DSIGP Supply voltage: from 8.0 VDC to 18.0 ...

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