ANTI-BIRD NET FOR FRUIT TREES, FRUIT-BEARING SHRUBS AND STRAWBERRY PLANTS Plastic net PROTECT with small openings is used for the protection of seeds and ripe fruit from birds. PROTECTION OF SEEDS, YOUNG SHOOTS, STRAWBERRY BEDS To keep sown seeds, frail young shoots and sweet strawberry safe from being pecked by birds one can construct a hoop-house over the vegetable bed net fron : set some hoops into the ground and cover it with anti-bird net. Mesh screen prevents bird’s access, but doesn’t block fresh air and natural light, makes no barrier to watering. PROTECTION OF FRUIT The crop of cherry, plums, pears, peaches and apples will remain untouched by avian robbers, if the tree had been sheltered with anti-bird net PROTECT. It can be done during the blooming period, as net’s openings allow access for pollinating insects. As soon as fruit are ripe, the birds won’t be able to come close to them and occupy the nearest brunch to feast on your crop.

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