Anti-shrinking, anti-carbonate, thixotropic, fibre-reinforced anti-carbonate mortar based on special resistant sulphate cements, in compliance with EN 1504-3 Class R3 or R4-CC, with high mechanical resistance and high adhesive power on steel and concrete. Waterproof and insensitive to chemical attack, resistant to sulphates. It is applied for the recovery of deteriorated concrete and the reinforcement in general of concrete. INTORIS MT is specifically thixotropic for spray or trowel restoration for vertical restoration operations. Available in R3 or R4-CC class. Available type "P" to be used without protective treatment to eliminate the armor stops. FPC 0925 production process certificate.

Building materials
  • Anti-shrinking
  • Regeneration Mortars
  • fibre-reinforced anti-carbonate mortar

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