The total quantity of apples which the Cooperative provides is about 12.000.000 kg and the total quantity of all our products is about 14.000.000 kg. The basic variety that the members cultivate is Starking delicious Apples, PDO “Zagora Pelion”. From 2017, the product is bio cultivated and packed with a special “bio” seal brand. The Cooperative exports its products from 1983 to 24 countries in E.U., Middle East, and Persian Gulf. The countries that the Cooperative apples and chestnuts are constantly exporting are Italy, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt.

  • apples
  • Starking Delicious
  • Golden delicious

Product features

Starking Delicious Golden delicious
Royal Gala Fuji
Reinette du canada Fyriki of Pelion
Harvest from September _ October Capacity 12.000.000 kg

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Starking delicious apples Zagora Pelion

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